Weekly Updated Skating Jams

Here at the Griffin Skate Inn, we update our music weekly, to stay current with your favorite songs. We accept requests and dedications to your friends, your family, or your significant other. Our music is edited to be suitable for all audiences. We understand the views of all of our customers and refuse to let anyone leave unsatisfied. Each session a new playlist is created to be sure that no songs are repeated.

We play a variety of music all the way from “Old School” Funk to today’s Top 40 Mainstream. For those of you who like to vibe, we throw in a twist of the hottest Reggae and for the ones who enjoy a touch southern hospitality, we play the finest country music. You name it, we have it and if not we are able to download it for your pleasure. We control the crowd through the different genres and tempos. We are always sure to throw in the slow jams for the couples and the upbeat music for the ones who are here to have a good time. Don’t think we forgot! It’s a skating rink so you know the deal! We are sure to keep on hand the toughest jam skating music starting with MC ADE all the way to Egyptian Lover.

On Tuesday nights, 6:30pm to 8:30pm, we play strictly Christian music for the ones who need a break to come and praise the Lord.

On Friday evenings, 4:30pm to 6:30pm, we play music from the best kids bop and Disney artists to be sure the ones here to skate are not influenced in the wrong ways.

Have you seen the newest music videos on our 12′ x 16′ screen? If not, be sure to come check it out! We also show movies, run short films, keep you informed, and keep on the look out, you may even see a picture of yourself! Come on in! We’d love to show the experience of what a great skating rink should be like.

SUMMER HOURS IN EFFECT FOR TUESDAY - THURSDAY 10am - 2pm $5 Admission! See you there! Dismiss