Griffin Skate Inn in Griffin, GA – roller skating rink near me offering children’s roller skating parties

When it comes to roller skating rink near me , you can’t find much better than Griffin Skate Inn operating in Griffin, GA. Open for over 20 years, Griffin Skate’s staff can show you how to have fun on wheels ! Griffin Skate provide a family atmosphere with alternating skate sessions , where all ages may opt to shoot a game of pool, and watch the newest music videos on our 12’x16_ Big Projector. Hours of Operations are possible to change – For roller skating rink near me hours, : CLICK HERE

Skates come with with Admission Price


Griffin Skate Inn is ideal venue for children’s roller skating parties ! Griffin Skate’s Full Service Snack Bar has Nachos & Cheese, Pretzels, Cheeseburgers, Pizza Pies, Slushes, Snow Cones, Sodas, and more. Griffin Skate’s roller skating rink near me music is edited to be suitable for all age groups – updated often to stay current with everyone’s favorite songs!  children’s roller skating parties can be reserved anytime, even with roller skating rink near me sessions.


If you’re looking for roller skating rink near me , Griffin Skate In Griffin, GA is the place to go for ge-approriate fun! (2489 N. Expressway Griffin, GA 30223)

Reach Out Soon to Setup your kid’s children’s roller skating parties or for more information on our roller skating rink near me hours of operation and sessions! : 770-227-5399  -or-  770-228-6182

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Closed Mon-Thurs OPEN FOR OPEN SKATE THIS FRIDAY! See you then! Dismiss